Nicholson Travel - Top Tips for your motorhome adventure

Welcome to the Nicholson Travel Blog series!

Here is our top tips for your motorhome holiday:

1. Don't over plan your trip

It can be tempting to plan out your trip hour by hour - i mean, there is so much to see and so little time, right ? Overplanning your trip can cause additional stress on the holiday and can often lead to you visiting the over popluated tourist points and not exploring for yourself to find the hidden gems! Its also worth taking into account the travel time between each of the places you want to visit, as you dont want to be on the road for 80% of your trip when you can be parked up and off exploring, or enjoying relaxing at a scenic spot. Dont overcommit yourself to seeing everything on your bucket list unless you have the time to do so. Most "picture perfect" places you see on the internet youll spend very little time at - so make sure you consider if the travel time is worth the reward.

2. Book your campsites early

Its very common that we see customers booking their motorhome hire super early(which is great), however forget about the pitching sites. Pitching sites can play such a big part in making your holiday that extra bit special. Finding the right site for you whether its walking distance from the local pub, or in the middle of scenic mountains, will really give your trip the wow factor - so be sure to get booked in as early as possible to avoid disappointment (particularly if your traveling between May-August). As motorhomes are self sufficient, it is possible to park up anywhere (providing there's no signs which state you can't park overnight), and not book into sites.However, we have always found sites are the better option to allow you to experience all the benefits of a motorhome without having to worry how much electric and water you have left.

3. Maintain an "in motorhome" routine

Although we talked about not having too much of a plan for your trip, it is important to maintain a good routine in the motorhome. It's effectively a house on wheels so space is always going to be limited, and you don't want to limit it more by having multiple people walking around or too much clutter. Find a space of everything, make sure you unpack and make use of all the cupboard space. Establish a good routine which avoids there being too many people walking around at once. During our trips, our routine is usually - one does the dishes while the other takes a shower, or one cooks the dinner while the other plans the route for the next day.

4. Fuel up when you can

This sounds like a self explanatory tip, however you'd be surprised how many times people can get caught out by this. The more rural you travel the less filing stations you'll find. Even If you google "nearby filing stations", you'll find a lot of them are not open regular hours. So be sure to fuel up whenever you heading to a rural location.

5. Listen carefully during the handover

Its easy to get excited when picking up your motorhome and not take in everything that's been said. However, it is important to try remember as much as possible, as the motorhomes are capable of alot of cool things. You dont want to miss out on anything and not get the full benefit of your home on wheels! We do have manuals in the motorhomes, along with demos on our YouTube channel, however we are also on call 24/7 during your stay for any queries.

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