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Updated: Jun 18

This is the most common question we get asked. The truth is, we have you covered for everything - all you need to bring is any home comforts you may require, along with some towels, iron(if required) food and clothes! We thought we would share with you some of the home comforts we bring when away on our motorhome adventures to give you some inspiration.

Firstly, what's included in the motorhome?

We have all the crockery and cutlery you would need for your trip. We also include bed linen, dishtowels, washing up liquid, sponges, placemats, kitchen foil, salt & pepper, whistling kettle (for off grid) and an electric kettle (for when your hooked up on a site). We also supply outside table and chairs. Each of our motorhomes are also supplied with a collection of 25 Pocket Mountain books to help you locate the best walks in different regions, and a "fun box" with some games/colouring books for adults and kids (who doesn't love a competitive game of UNO)!

Ideas for home comforts

Coffee Machine

If your a coffee lover like us, we always bring along our machine to use when hooked up to a power source on site. It's a lovely home comfort to have in the morning before trying out the local coffee shops each day.

Your own bedding

Although we provide pillows, bed sheets, duvet etc. Some people prefer to bring their own linen for comfort - you can't beat your own pillow sometimes! Feel free to let us know if you wish to take your own pillows/duvet.


Its extremely difficult to get a signal in the motorhomes, particulary if you're off grind or in the highlands. We suggest taking along your laptop with pre downloaded movies/boxsets or some DVDs if you like to watch TV. We supply an HDMI cable however if your laptop doesn't have an HDMI port, remember to bring your adapter (particularly MAC books).


We pack a speaker everywhere we go - so our motorhome holidays are no different. We love listening to some music outside in the sun or in the motorhome at night while relaxing, but would always encourage our customers to be respectful of campsite rules or any surrounding neighbours.


Its lovely to sit outside in the early morning or late night, but lets face it - its Scotland and it gets chilly! We recommend packing a couple of blankets to keep you cosy if you'll be sitting outside.


Don't forget both of our motorhomes are installed with a bike rack. Feel free to bring your bike along for no extra charge and explore the hidden gems that maybe hard to reach in a motorhome.


As mentioned above, our motorhomes are equipped with some fun games - however we always pack a couple of family favourites too!


Some locations dont allow disposable BBQs however we are yet to find a location not to allow portable gas BBQs. As we travel often whether its overnights or day trips, we have picked up a Campingaz Portable BBQ. Its easy to use and clean, and perfect for a motorhome holiday.

If your interested in buying one for yourself, you can pick one up for under £80:


If you have a projector of your own, its a fantastic way to have a movie night while on the road or under the stars. We love to bring our projector and popcorn along with us. If you dont have a projector and would like to host a movie night during your trip- let us know and we can tell you about our "Cinema Night" Package.

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