Terms & Conditions

The following is protected by Copyright law.
The below Terms and Conditions have been legally drafted specifically for Nicholson Travel motorhome hire, Springholm,   Dumfries & Galloway. Copying the terms and conditions for your own business/commercial use is an illegal offence and legal action maybe taken against you. 

Nicholson Travel Terms & Conditions of Hire

For the purpose of the Nicholson Travel Terms & Conditions, Nicholson Travel is the hiring company and will be referred to as Nicholson Travel. The customer is the individual who is hiring the motorhome from Nicholson Travel. By signing the terms and conditions the customer legally agrees to have read and understood the terms and conditions prior to hiring the motorhome. The terms and conditions are devised to protect both Nicholson Travel (the hire provider) and you (the customer). 

1.      Booking Process - Once the customer confirms their booking, a confirmation email and invoice will be sent by Nicholson Travel to the customer. Bookings can be made via the Nicholson travel website, via email, or by calling Nicholson travel directly.  Nicholson travel will require the following from any approved driver during your hire period: Full UK driving license, National Insurance Number, and two forms of proof of address documents dated within the last 3 months eg. Utility bill or bank statement. This should be provided within 7days of making the booking or immediately if your booking is within the next 5 working days On collection of the motorhome the customer will be required to provide a copy of their confirmation email (electronically is  also accepted), and a copy of the drivers license for each pre approved driver. A  DVLA check will be carried out on the named driver  and any additional drivers. This is a legal requirement and Nicholson Travel must obtain a check code prior to hiring out our motorhomes. The customer must provide the named driver (and additional drivers) national insurance number, driving licence number and postcode to complete this.  The customer and named drivers (if different) will also be required to read, understand and sign acceptance of the Nicholson Travel Terms on Conditions on behalf of himself/herself and the travelling party.

2.      Deposits - A £750 security deposit will be required to be paid 48hours prior to the collection date. Nicholson Travel will remind you of this and call you on the mobile number provided or email you on the provided email address. If the security deposit is not paid, Nicholson Travel reserve the right to cancel your booking with no refund. Before the customer departs with the hire vehicle Nicholson Travel staff will carry out a walk-through of the vehicle with the customer to confirm the condition in which the vehicle is leaving the depo. On returning to the depo, the motorhome will be examined to ensure it is in the same condition as it was given out. This includes, no damage or breakages, empty toilet cassette, full fuel tank replenished, and clean interior.  Once confirmed, your deposit will be returned to your debit/credit card immediately by Nicholson travel. However, transaction processing times can be up to 10 working days. It is understood that in an extreme and unlikely case where it is impossible for the customer to return the motorhome in the same condition as picked up, Nicholson Travel reserve the right to increase the deposit in this event.

3.      Collection / Drop Off  - The customer will be responsible for collection and drop off of the motorhome at  Nicholson Travel, Springholm, Castle Douglas, DG7 3LP. Motorhomes are available to collect at 2pm on the day of hire and must be returned no later than 10am on the day of termination. To make the most of your motorhome experience, we ask you allow for a 45minute handover to explain how to use your motorhome to its full potential. Additional charges will be enforced for late return, this will be charged per hour. If the vehicle is returned early, no refunds will be given. Nicholson Travel staff will check the motorhome to assess for damage or breakage on drop off.

4.      Named Drivers and Insurance - All drivers must be between the ages of 25 - 69, and hold a full UK drivers license for a minimum of 2 years. Any penalty points must be disclosed at time of booking and may result in additional insurance costs. Only the named driver on the booking may drive the motorhome. Additional drivers can be added if requested however this may come at an extra cost.  Fully Comprehensive insurance is provided for one driver as part of your hire agreement. In the event of an incident which results in an insurance claim being made, the named person (customer) on the booking is responsible for paying the £750.00 excess. Nicholson Travel reserve the right to refuse handover of the motorhome to anyone they deem unsuitable to drive for example under the influence of drugs or alcohol, if the driver is failing to comply with the Nicholson Travel Terms & conditions or if the drive falsified or failed to declare information. In this unlikely event, a refund will be issued, less the deposit amount of £150. Nicholson Travel only authorise the use of the motorhome to the legal number of persons permitted by the set number of safety belts. Safety belts should always be in use when the vehicle is in motion and driving  laws and code of conducts should be adhered to at all times. This includes (but is not limited to) appropriate car seats for children, and safety belts been worn at all times. Nicholson Travel hold no responsibility for drivers and passengers if laws and codes of conducts are not followed. All of Nicholson Travel fleet are only insured for use in Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland. The customer should not take the motorhomes outside of the UK without prior written agreement with Nicholson Travel. Additional costs may apply for hire outside the UK. 

5.      Pets - Although Nicholson Travel welcome guide dogs in all of the motorhomes, pets are only permitted in the motorhomes specifically advertised as pet friendly.

6.      Smoking  - Smoking is strictly prohibited both in the drivers cabin and living area.

7.      Cancelation by Nicholson Travel - In the unlikely event that Nicholson Travel cancel the customers booking. Firstly, a suitable alternative will be sought after. If this is not possible a refund of the full hire amount will be give to the customer. Nicholson Travel will not be held liable for costs over and above the hire amount. 


8.      Cancelation by hirer -  if for any reason the customer cancels their booking with Nicholson Travel, the following charges will apply :

            35 - 29 days (or more) prior to collection you will be refunded your hire amount less the                           booking deposit of £150.

            28- 15 days you will be refunded 50% of the hire amount

            14- 8 days you will be refunded 25% of the hire amount

            7 days or less you will be charged the full amount, unless you have a medical issue certified                     by a Doctor (evidence will be requested).


9.      Extra chargers

£0.00 -             Millage charge 

£100.00 -         Toilet Cassette not emptied

£100.00 -         Interior including cooking appliances and equipment not cleaned

£100.00 -         Full tank unfilled

£150.00(per hour) –    Late return charge*

£50.00  -          Valet Penalty if returned unsuitable 

£6.99               Per Missing Pocket Mountain book

£100 -             Damage to the projector/screen if hired


*Please note. That the charge will not be applied if the late return was at the fault of Nicholson Travel ie Vehicle breakdown (excluding a driver caused breakdown). Nicholson Travel do reserve the right to increase this charge if a significant delay impacts the next customers hire. 


10. Terms of insurance 

  • Insurance is only permitted to drivers between the age of 25 and 69 and must have held a full driving license for a minimum of 24 months.


  • For any endorsements of more than 3 points Nicholson Travel will need to obtain permission from the insurer prior to the commencement of any hire period.​


  • Any damage caused to tyres/windscreens that need replacement or repair, are excluded from our insurance and would need to be paid for by the customer in all instances. This will be deducted from the customers security deposit.


  • The customer will compensate Nicholson Travel Motorhomes against any personal or third-party losses outside the terms and conditions of the Insurance policy.


  • The named driver(s) agree to drive obeying the Highway Code  and UK Laws at all times.


  • The named driver(s) agree not to drive the vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


  • The named driver(s) agree not to drive the hired vehicle outside of England/Wales/ Scotland and Northern Ireland unless prior agreement has been approved. 


  • The customer and named driver(s) should have their own travel insurance to cover cancelations costs, or personal losses.  


  • The customer must not hire the motorhome for use at a large social event such as festivals, rallying events etc. If the customer wishes to take the vehicle to one of these events they MUST have written confirmation from Nicholson Travel of agreement. 

  • Customers must inform Nicholson Travel before attempting to fix anything themselves or have a third party fix anything inside/outside the motorhome. Written approval must be obtained by Nicholson Travel before any work is carried out.


11. Breakdown, Accidents & Insurances

In the event of a serious accident, the customer should call emergency services. The safety of our customers is paramount. When it is safe to do so, we ask you to contact our Nicholson Travel 24/7 customer service line. All accidents and breakdowns - no matter how big or small must be reported to Nicholson Travel, and the accident and incidents log in the glove compartment of the motorhome should be completed. Our motorhomes are fully serviced, MOTed and insured. 24/7 road side assistance is provided as part of your booking -  details of the roadside assistance can be found in the Customer manual in the glove box of our motorhomes. For extra caution we will also explain this during the handover when you pick up the motorhome. As part of the 24/7 roadside assistance agreement, the lead name on the booking should contact Nicholson Travel 24/7 customer support team immediately to advise of the breakdown or accident. No repairs should be carried out until agreed with Nicholson Travel. All of the Nicholson Travel motorhomes are fitted with smoke alarms, C02 alarms, Fire extinguishers, fire blankets and a first aid kit. Should you need to use any of these, or the alarm is sounded, you must advise Nicholson Travel of this immediately so ensure your own safety, and the safety of future customers.  As with any holiday, Nicholson Travel advises all customers have their own holiday insurance to cover loss or damage of personal items. Nicholson Travel take no responsibility for this. 

13.   Spares

Each motorhome has spare fuses and tyre, in addition to screen wash and oil. 

14.    Bookings

The customer holds the responsibility to pre-book and confirm all locations (camper & caravan sites) they intend to stay. This is not the responsibility of Nicholson Travel.

15.   Confirmation & acceptance of terms and conditions

To confirm you have read, understood and agree with the Terms & Conditions / contract of your hire with Nicholson Travel. Please Print, Sign and date below.